Bye Bye Drupal. Hello WordPress

I’ve finally moved my site over from Drupal to WordPress. For a small site like this I don’t need the complexity and flexibility of Drupal and WordPress is so much easier to administer as everything is done through the web page.

How did I do it?  I’ve tried a few different things but finally I found a WordPress module that simply worked.  The first module I tried was the FG Drupal to WordPress module. It didn’t work. It moved all of the content into the database and I could see it in the posts database table but it wouldn’t display.  Then I tried the older Drupal2WordPress module. It wasn’t as easy to install; I needed to download the source from Github and ftp it up to the plugins directory in my WordPress install. Then I put in the Drupal database details, clicked the button and it all worked.  Whooopee!


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