Awesome April

I’ve decided I’m going to do Awesome April! I’m going to stick to my diet rigidly and hit the gym a lot to get as fit as I possibly can by the end of the month when I’ve got a track day booked in. So I have my target and I have some leathers that I need to get into!

The diet as a whole is going well and I’m slowly losing mass, the majority of which is body fat. I want to make one final push though so that I’m looking lean and mean for starting my new job at the beginning of May.

Had a big lower body session this morning with a new PB for deadlift at 130Kg. That’s up 10Kg from just over a week ago so I’m making great progress. Also did 2 minutes of tyre flips which was very tough. I kept going but had to take a couple of minutes to catch my breath after I’d finished.


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