17 days on my Man Diet

Before yesterday’s gym session I was measured by my PT and I’ve compared the measurements with the ones that he did on the 1st February. I’ve lost 4% of my body mass in 17 days and over 60% of that was body fat. Great results and I need to keep it up. I’ve also lost 1″ off the measurement around my middle at my tummy button. Great results.

What am I doing? After looking at my food diary my PT told me that I’m simply not eating enough. My body had gone into starvation mode, using the glycogen stores and storing as much fat as possible. So I’ve increased my food intake considerably having a decent piece of protein three times a day along with two handfuls of mainly steamed brassica vegetables. I’ve also been trying to increase my healthy fats through cooking with coconut oil and snacking on nuts and seeds. I’ve been avoiding alcohol and coffee along with keeping my water intake up. I’ve also been making sure that I get as much sleep as possible on top of some bonus monster gym sessions.

The aim is to eat 1g of protein for every 1kg of body weight. There’s a good discussion article on this concept http://bayesianbodybuilding.com/the-myth-of-1glb-optimal-protein-intake-for-bodybuilders/ that is aimed at dispelling the myth that you should eat 1g per 1lb (i.e. 2.2g per 1kg), concluding that you should be aiming for 0.82g per kg. I was probably eating about 50g of protein per day before I started my Man Diet and I weigh a lot more than 50kg!

At the gym I’ve been lifting heavy and slowly, trying to stimulate growth hormone and testosterone as much as possible but I’m refusing to use any suppliments.

I’m doing it clean!


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