Back to the gym at last

After not going to the gym for 3 months I’m back at the gym this month and looking to get back into condition as quickly as possible. I’ve had a couple of light sessions at the gym after trying a little too hard during the first one and running out of gas. Sessions are primarily weight based as I try to get my fat percentage down, boost my testosterone levels and my metabolism. Biggest thing is going to be hitting the diet hard. I successfully lost 10% of my bodyweight when I changed my diet last October, cutting out gluten and dairy but my body fat percentage only dropped by 2%. Taking advice from a personal trainer based on a food diary, I wasn’t eating enough and therefore my body was sitting in a starvation mode, ignoring the fat and going for the easier, big reward lean tissues and glycogen.  So I’m trying a Man Diet for a month with lots of steak and lots of green veg.


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