Compiling AdvMAME on Raspbian

After installing the PiMAME image I updated to the latest OS patches and found that AdvMAME was unstable so I’m re-compiling it. I found this link that tells me I need to use gcc 4.7 instead of the default 4.6 on the current build. In essence export CC=gcc-4.7
export GCC=g++-4.7
With the pi cranked up to 1000MHz, the compile took real 311m13.827s user 239m44.460s sys 8m51.360s To get AdvMenu to compile I added the following CFLAGS taken from export CFLAGS='-march=armv6zk -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s -mtune=arm1176jzf-s -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=hard' After a make clean in the AdvMAME directory followed by a ./configure and a time make the compile time with the new CFLAGS dropped to real 122m21.357s user 91m49.440s sys 5m17.670s It shouldn’t have made that much difference.


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