Raspberry Pi antics

I bought a model B Raspberry Pi a couple of weeks ago, initially to use as a DHCP and DNS server. My Synology NAS was doing the job previously running a dnsmasq package called SynDNSMasq but because the hard drives spin down to conserve power I wanted something that didn’t take so long to startup. The Raspberry Pi wasn’t up to the job so I went back to my Linux server. If I’d overclocked the Pi it may have been a different story but I’m happy with how things are now. So I’ve ended up with a spare Raspberry Pi that I’ve been fiddling with. I’ve got XBMC running successfully via RaspBMC; it struggles a little with huge video files as I don’t have an amp meaning that the Pi has to do the DTS or Dolby decoding in software but with it running on “ultra” overclock it manages. Using a tablet or my iPhone as a remote works well too. Next project is getting MAME working so that I can play games. There’s no MAME in the Raspbian repository so I’ve been looking around for alternatives before I roll my own. I’ve come across PiMame that looks promising. It’s a complete Raspbian image like RaspBMC and it’s downloading at the moment. The next step will be to get my Tankstick working so that I can invite Big Peter over and kick his ass!!


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