All change at Nebuad

The CEO of Nebuad has resigned:

I’m wondering if it’s the sign of bad news for Phorm who’ve had their own drama this week with BT being raided by the City of London’s CID ahead of their reported forthcoming trial:

Whatever Phorm are saying though, their share price is dropping like a stone:

but they don’t think it’s a problem:

Targeted advertising is something that I wouldn’t object to as long as I can opt out of having my data collected, I’m sure that the data is collected in a way that can’t be linked back to me, it only effects the adverts that I already see (i.e. no extra popups) and that the cash is used to drop the cost and increase investment in Internet connections. I also think that whatever we want, someone will introduce targeted advertising through some channel. Google are 90% of the way there as they are able to track everything you Google for and can cross-reference that with any page that you visit that contains Adsense advertising (this page for example!!). If Google bring out an ISP service I’m sure that targeted advertising will be nestled in the terms and conditions.


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