Changing ISPs

I’ve been with the geeky ISP, Andrews and Arnold, for the last couple of years and been happy with the service that I get. I’ve never used the huge IPV6 or VoIP services that they gave me for nothing though. I pay a premium as it costs £39.99 per month for my ADSL service, which gives me 8Mb down, 832kb up, 3GB per month peak usage and unlimited off peak.

I’m trying to cut a few of the recurring monthly costs at the moment, one of which is a second BT line which used to be a dedicated business line. The problem I’ve got is that the ADSL is on the business line. To move lines I need to pay the BT Wholesale standard conncection fee of £34.86 +VAT to get the other line activated. It’s a little more annoying as that line used to have ADSL on it but it was turned off when I migrated to A&A.

ADSL24 get good reports on DSL Zone, only have a one month minimum contract period and don’t add £12 profit on the connection fee like A&A do. So I’m going to give it a go and see what it’s like. ADSL migrations between ISPs is free so I’ve not got a great deal to lose if I find it isn’t good.

ADSL24’s Office 45 product gives me 45GB per month of peak traffic (A&A are giving me 3GB) along with 300GB of off-peak traffic per month (A&A are giving me unlimited off-peak but I’ve never gone over 100GB in a month total at anytime over the last year). ADSL24 include 8 static IP addresses too.


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