Changing energy providers

I’ve just been putting in my meter readings for my EDF energy account and figured it wouldn’t harm to find out how much I may be able to save elsewhere. So I went to and clicked on their link to Moneysupermarket. I get £30 cashback following a successful switch and Martin Lewis gets a couple of quid for the website as it’s an affiliate link. Quidco would only be getting me £20 back.

I typed in my usage top of the list on both Moneysupermarket and is ScottishPower’s Online Energy Saver 4 account.

Interestingly EDF, my current provider were number two with their ‘Online 5’ tariff. So a quick call to EDF to ask the question ‘Can you swap my tariff’ was answered unsurprisingly with a ‘we can’t do that; it’s for new customers only’. So a couple of clicks later I’m on my way to their competitor with a probable £30 in my back pocket for taking the trouble.

Now it’s time for the car insurance renewal…


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