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Thanks to everyone that let me know this site was offline last week. Problems with my network registrar’s migration to a new supplier meant that was de-registered. It took them a week to get it back. Not impressed but it could have been worse if it had been one of my customers rather than myself.



  1. Hey Brian. Good to see that someone still reads this!!

    Steve helped me out with video on XBMC. He runs his through an amp that does the Dolby decoding. As I’m not using an amp I’m forcing the pi to do the decoding which is making it struggle. The answer was to overclock the pi via XMBC’s setting, pushing it to “ultra”. All my stutters went away. People report issues with poor power supplies too, especially when they start putting various USB devices on the power from the built in bus. Finally people using expensive, fast SD cards have problems. Cheap and cheerful seems the way to go with the storage.

    Catch up soon for a beer?


  2. Glad to see you back Garan.

    Raspberry Pi eh? I got mine a month or so ago and have been playing ever since. Like you, I’m not entirely sure what mine will end up doing, a weather station/webcam time lapse project seems favourite at the moment but I’ve also been looking at motorizing my telescope.

    Tried the XBMC image and that worked fine until it saw video! lip sync is a real problem. Put that on hold for now (wondering about whether to break my AppleTV with XBMC instead).

    Also been trying to fix an old fruit machine for a mate but that is proving a lot harder than I expected. It’s been in storage for years and looks like it needs a complete rebuild. I suspect it may be easier to emulate the whole thing with the Raspi, unfortunately he wants it to clunk and bang like it used to 😉

    Hope all is well…


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