PuTTY’s got better..

I’m a big fan of the Windows SSH client PuTTY. It’s a small, single executable that doesn’t need admin rights (I’ve used it in EasyNet cyber cafes before now where the security is pretty rigid) that simply works. The SSH tunnelling works well and gives me a lot more flexibility in ‘corporate’ environments.

But it’s just gotton better!! The latest version (0.59) supports serial connections. This means that I can now throw away hyperterminal and use something that is more focused on Unix terminal emulation. Also a CRC checksum error bug that I was seeing when downloading large files through tunnels has gone away so now it’s perfect. Heh.

Looking through the Change Log there are a couple of other new things that I’ve missed:

Ability to configure font quality on Windows (including antialiasing and ClearType).
Bug fix: 0.58 utterly failed to run on some installations of Windows XP. ROFLMAO!!! I love bugs like that!


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