The Vaio finally bites the dust

My old Sony Vaio PCG Z600 HEK has finally bitten the dust. Me and Peter went to buy it one lunchtime in February 2002 from a shop in Tottenham Court Road. At the time it was top of the range with its Pentium III 800 MHz processor that could be throttled back to 600 Mhz to save battery. It had a 12.1″ screen, 128MB of RAM, 8MB of video RAM, 20GB drive, external PCMCIA CD drive and an external USB floppy drive, running Windows 2000. The main advantage was that it was a lot more compact and about half the weight of its predecessor.

Over the years it’s been upgraded to 256MB (couldn’t go higher because of a limitation in the BIOS), Windows XP and was on it’s third hard drive when it died.

It’s been all over the UK and Europe with me, served me well and has never really let me down. In the end the disk drive couldn’t be read and it wouldn’t boot off PCMCIA or USB. It’s probably a problem with the main board.



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