Sky+ Hard Drive Upgrade

I’ve had my Sky+ box for a couple of years and never found that I needed more space. So with Christmas approaching I thought that I’d go for an upgrade.

I thought it would just be a matter of buying the biggest, fattest drive that I could find, levering the case apart, plonking it in and performing some sort of factory reset to format it. But for once I had a nose around on the Internet for advice before I made my purchase and was glad that I did.

The Digital Spy Forums alluded to there being good drives and bad drives. There was also mention of specific firmware numbers but no Plain English guide. A bit of nosing around took me to this Sky+ Upgrade Guide that had a long list of compatible drives. Following that guide and a couple of other Googles I came to the conclusion that the Samsung V120CE (HA250JC) 250GB 5,400rpm disk seems to be the favourite at the moment so I ordered one. As I’m typing this I’m waiting for the delivery man who’s meant to be here before 9:30..

So it’ll be Torx driver at the ready tonight after I’ve watched Robin Hood from Saturday night. I’m planning to try Copy+ to copy all the existing data across to the new drive but it doesn’t hurt to have nothing to lose! 🙂


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