Interlink Express

After waiting about 5 minutes for the phone to be picked up at the end of the automated queuing system I was told by the lady on the phone that I’d have to call the local delivery office to find out more about my parcel. An 08700 number was given (national rate number) with no local number listed. Thanks.

Rang the 08700 number and after waiting for about 5 minutes for the phone to be picked up I was told ‘I’ll try and get hold of the driver’ and put on hold with some terrible stylophone music for another five minutes… ‘I’m awfully sorry but the driver is running behind’. ‘No? Really?’ was the sarcastic reply running through my head. ‘He’s got another two drop offs before he gets to you. They are running late because of the sheer number of deliveries that we’ve got to make today.’.

Pity that the Internet tracking facility on their website says that parcel wasn’t put on the van until 08:53. Getting from Alton to Hook in 30 minutes at that time of the morning was going to be pushing it. So from my experience this morning I believe that:

“Interlink Express are a shoddy company that can’t deliver the service that they sell. They also tell porkie pies to their customers.”

If you’re from Interlink Express and you are reading this then prove me wrong.

Oh and if you’re wondering, the parcel turned up at 10:05, wrapped in yellow ‘deliver by 9:30’ tape and with no apology or mention of the 9:30 delivery by the driver.


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