Got woken up by the house alarm at 1:30 this morning. The internal battery had given up the ghost and the system decided that I really really needed to know about it!! This has happened before so I knew that the quieter of the two internal sounders would go off approximately once an hour until the battery was replaced. Last time this happened I tried taking the battery out and popping the fuse to the panel only to find that the internal screamer siren has its own backup battery!

I’ve recently upgraded the batteries in the UPS unit in my office and therefore know that the batteries in the UPS looked similar to the battery in the alarm panel. So I whipped one of the batteries out of the UPS, held my breath and took the front panel off the alarm unit. Off went the screamer siren! A quick look at the voltage and amperage on the battery showed that they were the same so I connected it up, closed the panel and put my fingers in my ears. I should have crossed them too!! It fixed the problem (the second time – I hadn’t pushed the connectors far enough home the first time!) but it’s only postponing the issue. This weekend I’m going to perform an engineering reset on the panel so that I know what the engineering code is. That should make life a lot easier in the future.. oh and a lot quieter!!


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