Glasses and contact lenses

Good news and bad news about my eyesight as my prescription has changed for the first time in about six or eight years. The bad news is that I have had to get new glasses, replacing a pair that were only about 18 months old. The good news is that I’m now the same prescription in both eyes which means that I wear the same contact lense prescription in both eyes.

The glasses were a bit of a drama. I didn’t have my hopes up that the opticians would get it right first time after the optician illuded that it would only be a week to ten days “if they get it right first time”. The glasses came in with sides that didn’t even get to my ears let alone fit over them! The rimless glasses that I wear don’t have hinges so they had to be sent back to the lab to be re-made. I’m happy with the finished product though. If anything the arms are too long!!

It’s not strictly true that I have the same contact lense prescription in both eyes. Until recently soft contact lenses have not been able to correct astigmatisms. About six years ago my mate Big Jason had the first pair of soft toric (astigmatism correcting) lenses that I’d seen. The lenses aren’t perfect spheres and have a line or dot on them so that they align themselves correctly in the eye. Now, six years on, Jason’s monthly disposable lenses are now available as daily lenses. The other big advance is that six years ago toric lenses were only available to correct 90 degree (i.e. straight up and down) astigmatisms. Johnson and Johnson this month have released daily disposable lenses that can correct astigmatisms in 10 degree steps at varying cyls. I’ve got half a dozen pairs of JnJ’s Acuvue Astigmatism lenses to try but first go they weren’t as comfortable as the Acuvue Moist lenses that I’m using at the moment. I’m going to give them another go though.


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