Been fiddling with my motorbikes. The R6 is in for a service and an MOT. Looking forward to getting it back from Nick Robinson’s tomorrow.

Been getting the Rocket ready for our road trip to Wales on the weekend. Fitted some Philips MotoVision headlight bulbs last night. They are brighter and also have an orange glow which should make me more visible. Sorted out waterproof trousers (can now guarantee that there will be no rain!) and how I’m going to carry my luggage. Looking forward to it.

Managed to ride the Rocket 30 miles on the red light with the fuel needle off the bottom of the scale. Got to almost 150 miles out of a tank and put 18.5 litres into it. 120 miles takes 16 litres so ther results aren’t linear. But as
the tank is 23.5 litres in capacity I think I should be okay to push it out to over 180 miles on a tank if I can’t find a petrol station.


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