Expansys are thieving gits

Expansys are selling the Sony VAIO UX180P for £2,699.99.

As evilking has pointed out on the Handtops.com forum:

Just for kicks I went to britishairways.com and checked the cost of a return ticket to Tokyo. Came to £827.70. Minus that from Expansys UK's crazy price of £2699.99 (Where did they get this figure?) and you'd have £1872.29 left over, more than enough to buy a UX and have £800 spending money (A weeks holiday in Japan - awesome!). I'm sure you could find cheaper flights :P
In fact, if you don't mind the EDGE version, you could fly to the US and buy TWO UX's and have about 800 dollars left as spending money.
This is from a UK perspective (Not sure on the air fare from austrailia to japan).


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