Water, Gas and Electric

Just been going through my bills. Got myself a water bill for £319 based on rateable value. The strange bit is that I’m meant to be on a water meter. The meter was fitted last March and I’ve used 145 cubic meters. According to the numbers on my bill, the unit price is 74p per cubic metre. That’s just over £100’s worth. Add on the £15.00 standing charge and that’s quite a saving. I’ve been on the phone to the water company who are going to call me back tomorrow after they’ve spoken to the depot; they have a work order asking the depot to fit the meter last March but there’s no record that the work was ever done.

Whilst I was at it, I had a nose around for a new gas and electricity supplier. I can’t believe how much my bills have gone up over the last year – over 50%. I’ve switched from Scottish Power to SWEB. Must remember to swap again within 12 months as I’m sure new customers get better deals.


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