All Wales Police force

Just been reading about the government looking to force the merger of the four Police forces in Wales to create an all-Wales force. They should put Charles Clarke on the Arriva Train from Bangor to Cardiff via Shrewsbury (yes – the Shrewsbury that is in England!) or the TrawsCambria bus service from Bangor to Cardiff via Aberystwyth. Seven or eight hours later, with stiff legs and a sore arse, maybe he’ll understand that geography and several million years of geology dictates the North/South separation.

Forgetting the complications of EU funding, Welsh Assembly funding and bi-lingual language requirements, a merger between the North Wales and Cheshire Constabularies may have been a positive step. But cross-Wales? I don’t think so.

The losers in all of this are going to be the people of Dyfed and Powys who currently enjoy living in the safest area in England or Wales according to the Home Office’s own statistics:

Surely the Home Office should be learning from the Dyfed Powys approach rather than forcing change upon them.

All-Wales Police Force:

Rugby Trains… or the lack of them:


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