The British Grand Prix is Safe

Today’s farce at the US Grand Prix has seen the Michelin runners pulling out of the race following the parade lap for safety reasons. This was due to Michelin not being willing to guarantee that their tyres would perform safely through the fast, banked final corner of the lap and left six cars in the race.

It doesn’t bode well for F1 in the US which has been struggling to get a toe hold with the US public. The loss of the US Grand Prix from the race calendar would be good for the British Grand Prix as it jostles for a place amongst the growing list of countries that want to host the F1 circus.

Comparing F1 to today’s triple header BTCC at Oulton Park or last weekend’s MotoGP in Catalunya, the end of F1’s reign at the top of the motorsport hierarchy can’t be too far away as it simply isn’t exciting enough. Winning a race on technicalities and pit stop strategies isn’t the most enthralling spectacle and I’m only still watching the F1 as I’m looking forward to the track invasion and the resulting riot.


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