This site doesn’t look as geeky as it did before…

When I started publishing this site in Jan 2004 I didn’t think that anyone would read it. I was using it like a note book to keep track of things that I needed for work. As I’ve said before, I’ve been amazed by the number of people who visit this site regularly to see what I’ve been upto. Feedback has been that sometimes people get a little overwhelmed by some of the more technical postings. Today I often shy away from putting very technical postings on this site as I don’t want to put people off coming back. Therefore I’ve decided to split the content up into two different categories.

From today there will be three different entry points. The main site is the non-techie version. There’s also an ‘everything’ version and just to complete things, you can view the ‘techie’ posts on their own.

If you have a look down at the bottom right there is a new RSS feeds block that lists the corresponding RSS feeds.

I’m interested to hear what people think and therefore I’ve setup a poll to gauge feedback.


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