K700i on OS X

From http://www.esato.com/archive/t.php/t-63575

“Use modem scripts from http://www.taniwha.org.uk and place Sony Ericsson GPRS CID1-5 scripts in /Library/Modem Scripts directory.

In System Preferences / Network / Bluetooth / make sure ‘Using PPP’ is selected in the TCP/IP tab. On the PPP tab enter ‘orangeinternet’ in the Telephone Number field. Click on the PPP Options… button and uncheck ‘Send PPP echo packets’. On the Bluetooth Modem tab uncheck ‘Enable error correction’ and ‘Wait for dial tone’. Finally select the Sony Ericsson GPRS CIDx modem script where x is the number of the Orange GPRS Internet data account in Data Accounts list. (see connectivity/data comm./data accounts). My Orange GPRS Internet data account is listed third so I use Sony Ericsson GPRS CID3.”


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