Want to buy my house?

I’ve put the house on the market with a view to go travelling for a while. New Zealand for some snowboarding is my ideal destination at the moment but who knows where I’ll end up. It all depends on how quickly the house goes through and how much I get for it.

Interest seems strong with the estate agent sending potential buyers around to view before they’ve created a promo sheet. So fingers crossed.

Why am I going? I guess the wanderlust has finally gotton the better of me. I’ve been happily plodding along for the last couple of years but I’ve hit a wall. Time to start making my own luck again. I can’t do that through what I do for a living; I’m sick to the hind teeth with IT companies and can’t find the motivation that I used to have. So it’s time to do something radical. Wish me luck and, as they say, watch this space.


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