Sat Nav -v- A-Z

I’ve been into Central London today. Ideal opportunity to use the TomTom sat nav software in my car. It’s route was along the M4 which I ignored as it would mean wading off the M3 and through the roadworks on the M25 before I started going east again. So I carried on up the M3 until it turned into the A316, going towards Richmond. I ignored the lady telling me to constantly turn left and head towards the M4, waiting until she decided to show me a straight line type route.

On the way home I decided to let the sat nav have its way. The route it picked took me from just behind the Tate Modern on the Southbank, over Waterloo Bridge, left down the Strand and straight on at Trafalgar Square, under Admirality Arch and down Horse Guard’s Parade. At that point, in peak rush hour traffic, I gave up, turned it off and decided to take my destiny into my own hands. Despite my efforts to tell the system to ignore the M4 and the A4 it wouldn’t take me via the A316 (the way that I wanted to go), insisting on taking me into the plethora of road works on the M25.

My point? Using a map I would have been able to go the way that I wanted but there was no way of giving the computer some advice or pointers.

Still a long way to go and an A-Z is much better value for money. Most of the journeys that I make, the sat nav is only useful for the last half mile as I can follow road signs. I thought that it would be invaluable in Central London but I was proved wrong.


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