Got to mention the rugby…

What a Welsh performance on Saturday. Bit shakey at the start with Mr Golden Boots not looking too clever. But we came back and ended up with six tries, the highlight for me being Cockbain pinning his cauliflower ears back and motoring across the line.

Go Wales!!

The Scottish performance was admirable. For the first 20 minutes they were on level terms with the Irish. But then they were outclassed as Ireland ran away with it. After the Scottish performance against the French last weekend, from small acorns grow mighty oaks.

Finally it England -v- France. Neither team really turned up. The French in particular just didn’t get into the groove we expect. Neither team deserved to win and, from a Welsh perspective, a draw or an English win would have been better for our chances in the Championship.

Off to read the Western Mail with my lunch. There are some benefits to working in London – you can get the Western Mail at WH Smiths at Waterloo. Time for some unbiased coverage. Heh.


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