Inland Revenue site buckling under load

Inland Revenue site buckling under loadMidnight deadline [The Register]

Poor dabs. It’s running Windows 2000 server, probably with IIS, although Netcraft haven’t been able to identify it since Jan 1st.

There are the right tools for jobs. You wouldn’t use a plastic spoon on a barbeque or try to pull a caravan with a motorbike. So why should it be any different in the IT World? Microsoft’s development tools like .Net and asp, running on IIS, are ideal for integrated corporate environments where interfaces into and authentication against backend services running Microsoft products are needed.

Java is another wildly abused tool – it’s ideal for modelling complex business processes, but when speed and simplicity is of the essence it’s just too slow, too cumbersome and just too complicated for most people to understand. Lack of client understanding makes it the ideal programming language for the big consultancies. A solution that client doesn’t understand is a cash cow for years… Doesn’t matter that the consultancy doesn’t really understand how it works either.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

The C programming language is designed to be fast. Programs are compiled into binary format, not interpretted from source or bytecode everytime they are executed. Admittedly the perception is that it’s complex to code and difficult to model process (hello C++) so people dismiss it quickly at the start of the project. Why? Probably because it doesn’t have pretty drag and drop programming tools, but more likely because it doesn’t look as good on your CV, not because it’s the wrong tool for the job.

Bah. Time for a pint.

PS – the Inland Revenue’s website’s IP address is in a range owned by Electronic Data Systems Limited… EDS. Nuf said. Nice to know that the Inland Revenue is taking my hard earned cash and then giving it all to the consultancy that they sacked for being incompetent in 2003.


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