And that was 2004…

Just one day left in 2004 and my biggest worry is that I can’t remember where the year has gone! It’s gone by in a flash with far too much work and too little play. The first job took me to wonderful places like Winnersh, Winchester, Redditch and Swansea and the second took me to Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark and Malta. Bit of a difference there! Play took me and the usual suspects, snowboarding in France for a week in March and then upto Aberdeen for a long weekend in the summer.

I’ve dropped a stone and a half this year and become a little fitter. It’s only a start and there’s plenty more to be done in 2005. I can’t see me running a marathon, a 10k or even a fun run, I’m just aiming to get a bit fitter. On the subject of Fun Runs… What’s that all about? I went out running on Boxing Day and bumped into a load of people dressed up as Santa and the Devil, sporting numbers and grimaces, out ‘Fun Running’. I don’t think that will ever be me… But never say never!! Oh and your eyes didn’t deceive you. I did write ‘I went out running on Boxing Day’.

Back to 2004 and congratulations go out to Niall and Sean who both completed their first 10k’s this year. I don’t think there’s any danger that I’m going to run out of fat mates, but for a moment there I was getting a little worried… Peter – you and Jason aren’t in secret training for the London Marathon are you? You do know that you’re not allowed to be pushed in the wheelchair event don’t you?

So what’s 2005 going to bring? Who knows. I think it’s going to be a year of change but exactly what and where I’m not sure. All I can say is ‘watch this space‘.


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