Steve’s braver than me!

Just been reading Steve’s blog. His blog is a lot more personal than mine as I’m very careful about the personal details I share with the rest of the World.

Steve on the other hand is very candid in his observations. The way that he copes with his anxiety issues is admirable and to share such personal details with anyone who wants to read his blog is something that I don’t think I’d be able to do.

Reading his blog, people are mocking him for writing it. I’ve encountered the same thing when people find out about mine; smirks and laughter. I’m not forcing anyone to read this and I’ve been very surprised how many people do actually visit this site. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and as a result of some of the comments, I’ve signed up for an Open University course called ‘Starting Writing Fiction’. It starts in February and I’ll be following in my friend Sue’s footsteps. Sue – look out for the dedication in my first novel :).

I wouldn’t have mentioned the OU course if I hadn’t read Steve’s blog today. Steve – don’t let the buggers get you down mate!


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