Surrounded by lonely people

I’ve been working in Malta for the last couple of days. It’s been interesting to watch people on holiday when I’m here with work. Puts a different spin on things. One thing I’ve noticed is how many couples are sitting together in complete silence. Be that in a bar, walking down the street, sitting in a restaurant or having breakfast. Some people look so lonely. Some people will argue that there’s only so much you can say to one person… But looking the other way there are happy looking couples chatting away at nineteen to the dozen. They’re probably talking complete claptrap! But they look like they’re happy and that’s good enough for me 🙂

So what’s working in Malta like? It has a lot in common with other Southern European places I’ve been to (Malta is in the EU now before anyone starts telling me that I can’t call this a ‘Southern European’ country!). The people all seem a lot more laid back than they do in the UK. It’s too hot to rush around I guess. I don’t think that I could live here. It’s the little things like trying to get a taxi (they don’t have radios so you need to know where to go), getting to the supermarket before it closes at 6pm and I’m baffled by the spaghetti road system. Didn’t their Italian neighbours have any influence on the road designs? But when you’re living on such a small island, making the roads windy and bendy makes the place feel bigger!


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