A little bit of rain and it all goes to pieces!

I set off from the office just after seven, looking forward to a relaxing, stress free trip home, preferably sitting in a nice seat with plenty of space. How wrong could I be?!!!

It took about an hour and a half to get to Clapham Junction after our delayed train stopped between stations and developed a door fault on a door that hadn’t been opened. I couldn’t figure that out either!

So it was all change at Clapham to be greeted by complete chaos. The signalling system wasn’t working properly, the problems being blamed on rain getting in and something getting struck by lightening. The screens that were displaying information were blatantly wrong and the station staff didn’t seem to know any more than the punters. Complete chaos!

Eventually I found a train to Woking where I’m now sitting patiently outside the station as other trains go past us. Again complete chaos! The guard isn’t very impressed with the signalman!

Finally we’ve moved! Three hours after leaving the office I’m the right side of Woking. I resisted the urge to get off at Woking to try and find a stopping service to my station. Instead I’m going to get a cab home.

It’ll all be a bit different this time tomorrow. If all goes to plan, and I know I’m tempting fate, but I should be in Malta, watching the Sun set with a cold beer in my hand. Beats South West trains!


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