New job

Made it through three days of my new job. I’d forgotton how long the commute into London actually was. Bit of a difference to rolling out of bed and into work like I’m used to!

The job is going well. I’ve been on an Operational and Maintenance course over the last two days. It’s a course that is given to the Ops people from all around the World who are using our products. It’s been really informative and given me a really good basic platform to build on. Got another day of it tomorrow.

Sitting on the train for a couple of hours each day has given me plenty of time to sit back and think about what I want to do with myself over the next year or two. I’m determined to get some of my mortgage knocked off. That will mean that I can have a much better standard of life on a smaller income. As much as I enjoy computers and technology, I’m getting to the point where I’ve done a lot of things several times before. I seem to spend more time being diplomatic and playing the politics game than I do sitting at a keyboard getting my hands dirty. I suppose I’m trying to say that it’s getting boring! But it’s where the big bucks are for me and that means that it’s what I’ll be doing for ever unless I make an effort to get into a position where I’ll be able to choose another path.

I’ll probably be eating those words in a year or so’s time when I’ve spent the lot on beer and pies 🙂

Looks like a week in Switzerland for me next week (with work). Then I’ll be in the Netherlands to see my mate Sjoerd over the long weekend.

On the Google front, I’m back upto fourth.


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