My mate Mark invited me to join GMail today. I’ve created an account and had a nose around. Looks good, but up against Hotmail’s huge customer base I don’t know if it will make an impact. Google are offering 1GB of indexed storage space. That’s a lot of disk! Great for a customer, but a huge headache for the people having to buy the disk… Contrary to popular belief, someone somewhere does have to pay for the disk space!!

On the subject of Google, my position when I type Garan seems to have dropped. I’ve not changed anything. Their search engine is a black art! I know of several sites that link back to but they don’t show up on the backward link page on Google. If they ever turn up, it should help my Page Rank and position.

Maintaining the geek thing… Was told about the Community Software Packages for The Solaris Operating Environment (their title, not mine!), hosted at The project builds on the stuff that Sunfreeware started. It provides pre-compiled Opensource software packages for Sun Solaris. Blastwave has taken some ideas from the Debian Linux distribution in that it is very package dependancy aware, automatically downloading and installing the correct versions of pre-requisite dependancies. Looks very promising so far.

Ordered a new hard drive for my laptop today. 80GB 7,200rpm disk to replace the 15GB 4,200rpm disk that’s in it at the moment. Hopefully that will give my laptop another year or two before I give into temptation and buy a PowerBook! I’m a little worried that the extra speed will make the drive noisy and reduce the laptop’s battery life. Fingers crossed. The extra space will mean that I can backup a couple of DVD images, giving me something to watch when I’m away from home. I’ve also ordered a 2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE convertor. The plan is to mount the old disk in my desktop PC, dd the image across to the new disk, and then Partition Magic it out to the new size. If it works it will be a lot quicker than re-installing all the software on the lappie.

Today was a sad day. I ran shutdown -g0 -i0 -y on smartie – my original server on the Internet.

Geez that was all a bit geeky!!


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