Thanks to my friends at ntl, I’m now the owner of a Game Boy Advance SP. I’m looking for a flashable game cartridge for it at the moment. These cartridges have a BIOS that allows them to load game images stored on a bit of flash memory. You can connect them to your PC via USB. Means that you can leave your cartridges at home, less to carry and lose.

Got to speak to my GBA owning friends, VlaD, David and David.

David is an interesting name. I know several people who were christened David. Some of them like to be called Dave. Some of them simply won’t answer to Dave as it isn’t their name. Fair enough – I get called plenty of variations on Garan and know how frustrating it can be. Darren? Gareth? Gavin? Bah. But I’ve spotted a pattern… I don’t know any Dodgy Davids. All of my friends who shorten their names to Dave are Dodgy. You know who you are!!

I’m upto third on Google.


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