Snooker Loopy…

Sat here watching the snooker. Looks like it’s going to go all the way. Dott took an early lead, but didn’t shake O’Sullivan who has come back into the match like a train!

Went to the Glee Club in Cardiff last night for my mate, Alec’s, birthday celebrations. Jeff Innocent was first on stage. I’d seen him before at Jongleur’s in Reading. Outstanding! Next up was a Canadian guy called Sean Collins. He was pretty good. The night’s performances were spoilt by the last alleged performer, a crass, uneducated, fowl mouthed Australian by the name of Jim Jefferies. He ripped into a girl in the audience for no particular reason, under the pretence that she was heckling him. I’m sure it spoilt the girl’s night out and put most of the crowd against him. Idiot.

Found an article about swapping over to a Mac laptop. I’m looking forward to hearing how Mr Goo gets on.


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