The WRU is getting savvy!

It’s finally been announced after months of speculation. Steve Hansen is going back to New Zealand to work with with Graham Henry in the new All Blacks coaching team. There’s more detail on David Moffett has a classic quote that shows how far the professional game has come on in Wales; “This appointment is not totally unexpected and I am now considering sending an invoice to the NZRFU chief executive Chris Moller on behalf of the WRU for playing this important role in the development of two of their coaches.” Nice to see that there is still good humour in International Sport.

The Welsh media will be hanging their heads in shame when Graham Henry and the rest of the ex-Welsh coaching team receive their World Cup winner’s medals in four years time. The media persecuted Henry and Steve Black (the fitness coach brought in by Henry) until they couldn’t stand it anymore and left Wales. There’s more info on the Scrum V website.

Found a downside to Firefox. It doesn’t show the icons that I use in Movable Type to add URLs to my comments. Off to see if I’m running the latest and greatest version.

Update: Upgraded to Movable Type 2.661 from 2.65. Still no buttons 🙁

Best news I’ve had in a while.. My mate Wayne is a dad again. His wife Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby girled called Freya at lunchtime today. Wayne’s off to get a shotgun to keep the boys away 🙂


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