Beeb to Beeb

Peer to peer networking is about to get a shake up. The BBC have announced that they will be using P2P networking to distribute current output and ‘TV shows that went out recently’. More info at This will be interesting for Broadband providers, across the Globe. The nature of P2P means that the load will be absorbed by the ISPs rather than the BBC. Buy shares in P2P caching companies now!

Thanks to Techdirt for the link.

Rugby! Saturday was awesome. The Irish refused to give up. The Welsh… They eased off a bit at halftime. The highlight of the game was seeing the two props out on the wing. Would have liked to see the Scottish winger attempt to tackle one of the Jones’s. Had a cuppa with my mate Peter last night. He plays prop and is growing his curls to see if he can run a bit faster!!

Snowboard gadgetsClick here 🙂 And the answer is yes I did.


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