Another day in paradise…

Spent my day in work persuading myself that sometimes you have to accept that something is wrong and rather than fix it, stick some Duck Tape and cardboard over the gaps. A quote from my boss ‘You can’t fight Town Hall’. Hmm… Maybe Guy Fawkes had the right idea.

Found something crazy courtesy of either The Register or Slashdot. Have a look at this on! You can give money to the US presidential candidates. Why don’t people give their money to the Red Cross, Save the Children or something. In fact. Why don’t they burn the stuff. The presidential candidates don’t need the money.

I did try substituting the for in the hope of being able to give more money to the tossers who run our country, but to no avail. Gutted!!

Hope the tossers Google bomb works. heh. And you can’t accuse me of being biased towards any of the tossers who claim different portions of the soundbite driven, myopic, centre politics in the UK.

On the geek side of life, SPF seems to be taking off in a big way. For the uninitiated, it’s a simple change in DNS that allows sites to list the servers that can legitimately send mail for a certain domain. It’s catching on in a big way, with the latest sites taking it up including,, and The forthcoming release of SpamAssassin will have hooks for SPF. That should give SPF a major boost.

Suephotographic evidence for you.


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