I’m still alive!

I’m still alive! Been a bit busy and not gotton around to writing anything here.

Had problems with some of my domains. Ended up with a circular reference where two domains were using each other for primary and secondary DNS. Sorted it out, but had a few hours where my oldest domain, muttley.net wasn’t available. I didn’t realise how many people were using it…

DIY has gone well. Bedroom is almost finished. Got two pieces of shelving to put up in the fitted wardrobes. The new bed surround and carpets are in place. Now just waiting on the furniture I’ve ordered. Then the bedroom will be finished.

Started thinking about the next DIY project. Going to alter my kitchen slightly. Something that I’ve been planning since I moved in – to put a breakfast bar in the kitchen and change the flooring. Got a bit of a problem with that. My kitchen has two different surfaces, one wood and the other concrete. There’s a half inch rise as you go from the wooden floor to the concrete floor. So I’m currently thinking of ways to build a long slope to hide it. Then I can tile the whole kitchen floor.

Fitness kick has started. This is my second week of walking to work. Eating healthily and trying not to drink too much beer. Seems to be working as I can now do up my belt a further two notches. Making an effort ahead of my snowboarding trip to Meribel at the end of this month.


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