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Drupal Acquia Marina Theme

I've applied the new Acquia Marina theme to the site. It looks good but looks better in the preview picture:

Google Reader

I've been using Google's RSS Reader recently to organise some of the stuff that I regularly look at on the wubbleyou wubbleyou wubbleyou.

Fiddling with layout..

I've been playing about with Drupal themes to see where I can drop ads. The colours leave a lot to be desired but I think that the layout is better.


Drupal 6 now includes support for OpenID logins so I've been having a nosy..

Drupal 6

I've just upgrade this site to Drupal 6. Already I'm seeing some neat little changes.

Drupal and theme updates

I've just updated the content management system and some of the modules that this site is based on to the latest version.


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