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New theme up and running

Got the new website theme up and running today.  Lots of work has been done behind the scenes to clean things up too.  Now I don't have an excuse for not writing.

Cat isn't impressed. is back!

Been meaning to get back up and running for a little while. The logs blew the database limits so the ISP dropped the database.

Tags and blogrolls

I've exported the tags and vocab from the old site and imported them into here, getting the tagadelic cloud on the right hand side of the page.

twitter two

Twitter two wooooo!

Trying a different alias command this time..


I've added a twitter module to my blog. It should automagically post to twitter when I add an entry here..

Drupal Acquia Marina Theme Update

Looks like there's a bug in the Acquia Marina Theme. If I have all the blocks on the right then the green banners and white boxes don't work. A single block on the left makes both sides work.


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