Fibre to the home with BT

If you're in an FTTC enabled area you'll be able to order fibre to the premise (FTTP) from the 29th April.


Orders being taken for FTTC at Hook Exchange

BT Openreach are now taking orders for FTTC at Hook Exchange.


PiMame Update

Shea has written a blog article on getting an X-Arcade TankStick working with PiMame: htt


Broadband in Hook

Broadband is about to leap forward in Hook. Additional green telephone cabinets have been appearing around the village as Openreach have been installing Fibre To The Cabinet equipment.


HDMI distribution

HDMI is quickly becoming the defacto standard for connecting things to displays.


Compiling AdvMAME on Raspbian

After installing the PiMAME image I updated to the latest OS patches and found that AdvMAME was unstable so I'm re-compiling it. is back!

Been meaning to get back up and running for a little while. The logs blew the database limits so the ISP dropped the database.


Snipping Tool on Vista

I wanted to take a screen shot of part of a website that I'm building at the moment. Googled around for 'Vista screenshot' and discovered the Vista Snipping Tool.


Yes Yes Yes Yes!

I've been doing this unix lark for a pretty long time now but I'm never afraid to learn something new. Today's lesson.. the 'yes' command.


Data centre cabling

I'm always amazed at the nests of cables that are created in switch rooms. People start off with the best intentions in the world but eventually it ends up in a big tangle.


Check out the Android!

Google have taken another step towards total world domination through the introduction of their new mobile phone OS.