Need more sleep!

I've been burning the candle at both ends over the last couple of days. Need to recharge a little - so staying away from computers as much as possible.


Authdaemon has been the bane of my life today! I thought that I was doing so well, getting IMP working.

The IMP has been tamed!

Finally got IMP working. Ended up having to re-compile PHP4 and all the associated plugins. That took a lot longer than I had planned. The next problem..

Taming an IMP...

I've spent most of today trying to tame a little IMP.

It's bloody tipping it down!

It's bloody tipping it down as they say in Wales!! We're definitely into Winter now. Done a lovely job of washing the road muck off my car.

Playing with templates

I've been fiddling with the style sheets that sit behind this web page. I've changed the fonts a little. Not as fancy, but a little clearer to read I feel.


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