XMAS trees

Nope I've not gone mad and started talking about Christmas two months late/ten months early!

Another day in paradise...

Spent my day in work persuading myself that sometimes you have to accept that something is wrong and rather than fix it, stick some Duck Tape and cardboar

One more thing..

The URL for this site has changed. It's now the main page for garan.org.

I'm still alive!

I'm still alive! Been a bit busy and not gotton around to writing anything here.

Loan sharks..

My good friend Wayne bought a new car today. He's taken a small finance agreement out on the car. Reminded me of one of my pet hates. Loan penalty fees.

PDAs and CSS sheets

I'm going to shoot myself for saying this... I'm getting excited by style sheets! Movable Type is based 100% around CSS sheets.


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