I can tell you now!

I've been keeping a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks as I've been busy sorting out my next role.

Penalise the individual man

Just been reading about the demise of http://www.sharereactor.com/.

Training across Europe

I'm trying to find the quickest, most cost effective way of getting to Eindhoven at the end of May. Surprisingly it's looking like the train is going to be the cheapest and the fastest.


There goes another weekend. Been a bit of a mad one - went out on Friday night in Clapham for Gill's birthday. Then another birthday party on Saturday night. This time it was Pippa's.

Still fixing my PC...

Still fixing my PC. Got a new video card, IDE cables and a power supply to put in tonight. The power supply may have been a major contributor to my problems.

PC Trials and Tribulations

I've had a nightmare weekend with my PC. It all started, as it always does, with a new game. This time it was the turn of... drum roll please... Unreal Tournament 2004.


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