Mobile Phone

I lost my mobile a couple of days ago. Should be back up and running Tuesday or Wednesday next week...

Update I've got my personal mobile up and running again.

Polling Day

Went along to vote this evening and was a little concerned by scenes I saw at my local polling station. There was a group of men in suits stood around the door.

22 degrees outside

And at least three degrees warmer than that here in the office!!

What a great picture!

Just been nosing at my mate Steve's Blog. There's a link to my site... Thanks Steve!


So where do you end up if you drive 16,000km from London? Answer... Sydney Opera House. Saw some cars near my house today in full rally spec and wondered what they were upto.

June already!

I can't believe that it's June already. We're almost halfway through 2004 and it only seems like yesterday that I was wrestling with an eight foot high snowman on my garage roof...


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