ADSL Speed Uplift (3)

I fitted the hard wired ADSL filter to the alarm panel last night. Testing the line stats with and without the alarm panel didn't seem to make much difference to the readings.

I asked ADSL24 to change the interleave status of my line, hoping that it'll restart my ADSL Max sample period. Looking good at the moment with downstream sync rate now at 7.3Mb. Yay!!

I hit the wrong input format this morning.. Anyway - think it would be neater if I split this post off.. Click the Read More link below if you want to see the stats.

Vista tftp client

I'm trying to upload an image to a router at the moment and to do this I need a tftp client. I'm running Vista Ultimate (64 bit) and it doesn't have a tftp client installed as default.

ADSL Speed Uplift (2)

I clipped the bell wire in the BT Master Socket tonight - it was running upto the office where it wasn't connected but, as my mate Greg pointed out, it's going to be a big antenna. It's dropped a little on the tone 224-255 line but no other noticable change.

Got a hardwired filter coming tomorrow for the alarm panel. Will also check my tones with the alarm removed completely.

I've setup a build environment for the OpenWRT software to run on my WAG354G but I need to do the other tests on a level playing field before I start playing with that. I'll try and write a bit of a howto for the OpenWRT stuff as it isn't immediately obvious what to do to get it all working..

ADSL Speed Uplift

I've been fiddling about with my ADSL this weekend. My download sync rate has been steadily dropping from near 8Mb this time last year to just over 3Mb. I'm currently using a Zyxel Prestige 660 modem which allows me to see detailed line data.

Two major changes I've made to get me back to 6.5Mb sync rate were replacing the filters in the lounge (the master socket location) and in the office. At the moment I've got an ADSL Nation XF-1e filter in the lounge and a second NTE-5 in the office that has an ADSL Nation XTE-2005 Master Face Plate on it.

A comparison of the filters can be found at the following page:

I'm still about 1Mb down from what I used to see. To try and rectify this I'm going to firstly try a different modem. I've got a Linksys WAG354G to try first and then I'm going to try running OpenWRT on the Linksys to see how that holds up. I'm hoping that one of the two methods will allow me to graph the line data via SNMP, something that isn't available on the Zyxel.

I'm also going to find out if the second NTE-5 is overkill by replacing it with a filtered faceplate like the ADSL Nation XTF-68 ADSL Telephone Socket or replacing the NTE-5 faceplate on the master socket with the XTE-2005 splitter and running the ADSL and voice over different pairs upto the office and presenting them on a standard double phone socket.

Finally I'm going to get a hardwired ADSL filter to put under the alarm panel. I've got the pair from the alarm panel connected to the voice side of the splitter in the office but I'd like to put as much suppression as possible on that circuit, as close to the alarm panel as possible as it's the only thing connected (apart from the modem) when I run the readings below.

twitter two

Twitter two wooooo!

Trying a different alias command this time..


I've added a twitter module to my blog. It should automagically post to twitter when I add an entry here..


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