Going to start saving..

I dropped XAMPP on my Mac yesterday to do some offline dev work. It really highlighted the shortcomings of my 12" PowerBook G4.

Fiddling with layout..

I've been playing about with Drupal themes to see where I can drop ads. The colours leave a lot to be desired but I think that the layout is better.

Custom Service Spam Email

The UPS emails I mentioned last week have now become 'Custom Service' emails. Again do not open as they contain a trojan zip file.

UPS Tracking Number Emails - SPAM!

Beware of emails coming through with the subject line 'UPS Tracking Number 56429599222' or similar. They are junk emails with zip files containing trojan viruses.

Ubuntu Debian Firewall Script by Arno

Over the last couple of years I've been fiddling with various ways of NAT'ing my internet connection at home.

I'm being persecuted!

I've been to Tesco and Boots over the last couple of weeks and so far I've been given four till vouchers for money off haircair products... I don't have any hair!!!


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