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iPhone jailbreak

I finally gave in to temptation and jailbroke my iPhone about two weeks ago. It's a 3G iPhone running 2.1 firmware. I followed the following guide that is suitable for OSX:

Iron Man DVD Protection

On a whim I bought a copy of the new Iron Man DVD to watch this evening. I put it in my PC to watch whilst I did some work and it hung Windows Vista Explorer.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Daily TruEye Contact Lenses

I've been trialing some new contacts over the last week or so.

Data centre cabling

I'm always amazed at the nests of cables that are created in switch rooms. People start off with the best intentions in the world but eventually it ends up in a big tangle.

BBC Weather Beta Website

I spotted the beta button up in the corner of the BBC's weather website this afternoon. Looks very modern and has more information.

Check out the Android!

Google have taken another step towards total world domination through the introduction of their new mobile phone OS.


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