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More Apple Wireless Keyboard on Vista 64 Continued!

Got another stage further with the Apple Wireless Keyboard..

This post details a full installer that so far seems to do the whole job out of one single installer:

Apple Wireless Keyboard on Vista 64 Continued

Having used a Happy Hacker Lite Keyboard for quite a few years, I'm used to having to use key combinations to page up, go 'ho

Snipping Tool on Vista

I wanted to take a screen shot of part of a website that I'm building at the moment. Googled around for 'Vista screenshot' and discovered the Vista Snipping Tool.

Yes Yes Yes Yes!

I've been doing this unix lark for a pretty long time now but I'm never afraid to learn something new. Today's lesson.. the 'yes' command.

ADSL Speed Uplift (4)

As of 23:05 last night BT have recognised my sync rate of 8128kbps and have set my BRAS profile to 7150. Sorted!

Apple Wireless Keyboard on Vista 64

I've been trying on and off for about six months to get my Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard working on Vista 64. The first part of the puzzle was finding a bluetooth dongle that had support for Vista 64. Most only support Vista 32. Here's the one I found:

Twelve quid from Novatech. The key thing is that it has a Widcomm chipset.

That was only half of the story. Getting an Apple device working on Vista is like getting a camel through the eye of a needle. Both companies are pig headed when it comes to claiming that they are right and someone else is wrong I'm sure!

Enter this blog article which sorted it all out for me.

My only concern is what happens after 3 hours if the keyboard goes to sleep. I'm sure I'll work it out :)


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